1. If worn, replace transmission pilot bushing or bearing. (Worn bushing or bearing can cause transmission failure and clutch drag!)

  2. Remove the clutch cover. Next evenly remove the 6 lock nuts & washers, then remove the pressure plate and disc.

  3. Clean threads & bolts with a grease remover. Bolt the flywheel to the crankshaft. Remove 1 bolt at a time and apply locktite and torque to spec. Mark bolt and continue to next bolt until all 6 are torqued. (for the 2300 Ford, 10 mm bolts 65-ft. lbs.) w/ARP Bolts

  4. Place pieces against flywheelin the order they were taken apart:
    A. Clutch disc (cone facing transmission)
    B. Pressure plate flat side against disc
    C. Cover assembly

    Slide alignment tool through cover assembly, pressure plate and disc into pilot bearing and evenly tighten the 6 lock nuts down to 22-24 ft.lbs.

  5. Do not let the weight of the transmission hang on the clutch disc! To prevent bending the disc, carefully slide it into the clutch disc. Do not poke the hub of clutch disc with transmission input shaft

  6. Adjust clutch linkage for 1.5"' free play at pedal. Check free-play at the end of each race. As disc wears, the amount of free play decreases.
    If the throw-out bearing comes in contact with the cover spring, it removes pressure from the disc, which will cause slipping.

  7. We recommend a pedalstop, so that damage to the pivot rings and diaphragm spring does not occur.


  1. Always push or winch car on trailer.

  2. Start off in lowest gear possible.

  3. Use as little RPM as possible to get the car moving.

  4. As soon as car gets moving to 3-5 mph, fully release clutch pedal. Always keep free-play adjusted to at least 1" at pedal